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Susan Garner Wenzel

Susan Garner WenzelAs an Elite Travel Advisor, I curate unique, bespoke travel experiences that create life-changing, long-lasting memories for my clients. My affiliation with Direct Travel and memberships with Virtuoso and Luxe give me access to best-in-class travel resources and services, including flights, hotels, cruise lines, tours, and special amenities. My favorite part of planning travel is getting to know my clients and sharing their excitement about the adventure that awaits.

Previously, I worked as an International Treasury Consultant for Arthur Andersen & Co., which allowed me to travel and work abroad, satisfying my thirst for worldly exploration and adventure. After taking a hiatus to focus on raising a family, I found the urge to travel resurfacing in my life. I felt it only natural to turn to consulting again, not with numbers or procedures, but with what I truly have a passion for–travel!

I earned my Master’s in Accounting at Western Illinois University and my Bachelor’s in Business at Georgia Southern University. I love to travel, but I especially love sharing the joy and the benefits of travel with my clients and ensuring that they get the most out of their travel experiences. Nothing makes me happier than hearing them say, "It was the trip of a lifetime."

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